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The company is a limited partnership situated in Verl, registrating court Gütersloh HRA 2439. Personally liable shareholder is the Stickling Familienstiftung situated in Gütersloh, registrating court Gütersloh HRA 6437; managing director: Dr. Lars M. Bopf, Dr. Oliver Streit.

Liability exclusion
nobilia does not accept any responsibility or guarantee that any information provided within this web-site is accurate, complete or in any case up to date. This also counts for all links found within this web-site, direct or indirect. nobilia is not responsible for the contents of a side reached with such a link. nobilia reserves the right to make any changes or additions to the information provided without any previous announcement.


The rights for all pictures shown are reserved by nobilia. The passing on, saving, copying or any other uses are permitted only with the written consent of nobilia. The same applies to any graphics, objects or animations, if not stated otherwise. All contents, pictures, graphics etc. found within the nobilia-extranet are copyright protected. Any unauthorized use will be immediatly followed by civil action and prosecution.The contents shown within the nobilia-extranet are protected by copyright. Any duplication, distribution or publication, especially for private or commercial advertising, is strictly prohibited. The copying of any content is allowed only for internal information purposes of the user.

Our conditions of use are valid:
User conditions for the nobilia-extranet. 

Operator for the nobilia-extranet is the nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG, Verl

When using the nobilia-Extranet the user agrees with the present user conditions.

nobilia offers the user access to his own personal data which is stored within the nobilia-extranet. The extent of the user access is down to the kind of access given to the user and to the according access-level. nobilia offers the nobilia-extranet without any liability for the running and upkeep of this information system.

Data protection

Data in connection with the use of the order information system is stored centrally and used within the framework of the business connections between nobilia and the user.
The purpose of saving the user data is to verify the registration of the data given and to offer the user this service totally free of charge.
The user hereby states explicitly his agreement to the storing, processing and transmitting of his master data for the above purpose. This declaration of agreement can be withdrawn at any time.
Any further use of the user's personal data other than the administration of the afore mentioned data, even after his withdrawal from this system, is strictly prohibited without the consent of the user. 

User obligations
The user is responsible for the protection of his log-on-account and passwords given to him against misuse and loss.

Guarantee and liability
The user has been informed that the software used for the administration of this system and any data found within may have errors even after careful processing.
Therefore the user should carefully check his data for any possible errors.
nobilia accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors given into or found within this system unless nobilia caused the error on purpose. nobilia does not grant any guarantee for the constant and undisturbed availability of the nobilia-extranet.
nobilia accepts no liability for damage or damages caused by the loss or misuse of user log-on accounts or passwords.

nobilia reserves the right to withdraw user access at any given time without reasons.

The agreement on hand regarding the use of the nobilia-extranet underlies the material law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Should one or more of the regulations stated within this agreement become void or invalid at any time all other remaining regulations will not be affected.
The void or invalid regulation should be exchanged for a valid regulation so that the economic purpose of the original regulation can be kept as well as possible.
The court responsible for all legal disagreements regarding the agreement of use at hand is and remains the court responsible for nobilia Headquarters.


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