Stress Tests for Kitchens

Quality that is Proven

The quality strategy at nobilia follows a preventative approach: all newly developed products and product ideas are rigorously tested prior to starting production.


Furniture, components and materials must prove that they can stand up to daily use by undergoing extensive test procedures in our own QC testing laboratory. And that means for the next 15 years. All manufactured materials are put to the test and must meet this minimum service life.


Only furniture that has passed the qualification tests in the nobilia test laboratory are accepted into the new collection. The QC test laboratory is an essential component in nobilia's zero error strategy.


Regular product audits, ramp audits (testing of the unloading procedure), checking of returns as well as quality committees and training sessions on site at customer premises and workshops for trade partners and cooperating installation companies are further building blocks of our consistant quality assurance system.


Explore our virtual QC test laboratory and experience what we always guarantee: Quality Kitchens Made in Germany!



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Click here  for the nobilia QC test laboratoy.